Denton Village Surgery

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The Practice Nurses provide a wide range of services to support the Doctors including the monitoring of on-going medical conditions, like Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease and Asthma. They also treat Minor Injuries like cuts, bruises, strains and sprains.

Bloods, test results & samples

Page under construction Test results Since our telephones are very busy in the early morning, we ask you to telephone for test results (eg blood, urine, x-ray) between 1.00pm and ... [continue] Bloods, test results & samples


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Womens health

Page under construction Please find information below on Smears/Mammograms/Swabs/pill review/24 hr contraception, coils

Blood Pressure & ECG

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Minor injuries

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Annual reviews

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District nurses

The district nurses provide care in the community and can be contacted via the single point of access (SPOA) helpline 0300 7770002