Denton Village Surgery

Consult with us Online

As a practice we use Accurx to communicate with patients and to help coordinate your care.

These are some of the ways you might come into contact with Accurx:

  • Receive your medical information via SMS or email, such as sick notes, referral letters, and test results
  • Receive video calls – No App or account required!
  • Ask you to submit photo attachments to aid an upcoming telephone appointment
  • Respond to short questionnaires via SMS or email – this might be in relation to a review of your condition or to ask for an up-to-date blood pressure reading. Or you might be asked to complete a short survey to collect some other information, such as patient feedback, ethnicity, or smoking status
  • We may request you to book an appointment via a link
  • Patient Triage is a web-based online consultation tool that allows patients to submit either a medical query or an administrative request to the practice, without the need to phone. When you want to submit a query to us, just follow the link below:

Want to know more about how this works? Please check out the helpful links below.

My doctor or nurse has sent me a video link

My practice has sent me a document via text

My practice has asked me to complete a questionnaire

My practice has asked me to respond to a text/send them a photo or document

How to book an appointment with your practice








Date published: 15th December, 2022
Date last updated: 30th July, 2023