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Patient survey and results

This is the last full survey that was undertaken, there are a few items that have been addressed e.g. on-line prescriptions and appointment booking. As we have had a major change of Doctors at the practice we will shortly be having  a questionnaire on our web site and in surgery. This will give you an opportunity to feedback to us your views and suggestions

Patient Survey 2015

How often do you see the doctor you prefer?

76% of patients are achieving an appointment with the doctor they prefer. With the doctors only having one day off in a week, means that on 4 out of 5 days the preferred doctor is available for appointments. This is reflected in the high percentage 90% of patients who usually manage to see their preferred doctor against the CCG average of 71%.

Satisfaction with opening hours.

The majority of patients are satisfied with our opening hours. 92% against the CCG average of 82%.

There is a group of patients who would like us to be open on a Saturday of the 53 patients who expressed a wish for additional opening of which 30 preferred a Saturday. As overall there is a high satisfaction with our present opening hours we are not planning to hold routine Saturday surgeries. This will be routinely reviewed in light of patient surveys and in put.


Patients tend to make their appointments by telephone 90%. A small number of patients wish to be able to book their appointments on-line. We are looking at ways that this can be achieved with out incurring a large cost to the practice and on going costs. Our website allows patients to request an appointment or cancel one, but does not allow actual booking. So far in two months nobody has utilised the facility.

How clean is your GP Surgery?

91% of the patients rated the surgery as very clean. As a practice we have to ensure that we maintain our high standards.

Can other Patients overhear what you say to the receptionist?

Patient confidentiality at the front desk is difficult to maintain. All staff have undertaken the IG training and are aware of the need for confidentiality.

To help give more privacy notices have been put up to discourage patients crowding round the reception desk and the door between the waiting room and reception is kept closed. The design of the reception area does make it difficult to stop patient receptionist conversations from being overheard.

How helpful do you find the receptionist?

On the whole patients rate the receptionists as helpful. We are achieving the local average rating for this indicator. This is an area we need to improve on and re-training on various aspects of customer service are planned for the next few months.

How long after your appointment time do you normally wait to be seen?

The majority of patients are seen between 5 to 30 minutes after their appointment time. On review of our appointment statistics Dr Abbatt and Dr Jamil do tend to overrun on appointment times. This is a difficult problem to resolve but employing in house tactics to assist keeping to schedule have been implemented. E.g. reception will telephone the doctor once he has been in consultation for longer than 25 minute.

Patients generally do not feel they wait to long but there is a group that feel they are waiting to long. This is an area we need to try and improve.


Overall we had an excellent result on the patient survey, but need to be aware of areas where we could endeavour to improve.