Changes in the Practice

With the recent changes at the practice, especially the introduction of telephone appointments with some of the doctors we have introduced telephone call recording. Calls will be monitored for quality, security and training purposes.

From the middle of March we welcome Dr Day back to the practice following her recent travels. She will be working three days a week and the occasional cover session when other doctors are away.

We are trialling a slight change to our appointment system by having a duty doctor each day who will have appointments available to be booked on the day. These appointments will mostly be for conditions that are not suitable for our Prescribing nurses to see. Normal pre bookable appointments will be available up to four weeks in advanceĀ  as before.

The prescribing nurses can see a wide range of everyday acute illnesses e.g. sore throats, chest infections and minor injuries. Normally they have availability everyday in the morning and a few appointments available over the lunchtime on a Tuesday and Thursday.

It will take around four to five weeks for the benefits to be felt due to the recent shortage of appointments due to sick leave within the clinical team.

Hopefully as we move towards springtime everyone will feel healthier and demand will drop a bit.